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3 Top things Recruiters look out for in a CV

Relevance  (Fit) How well does the CV fit the job description applied for?  Tips Job titles are important, adapting your CV to fit the job description without lying or exaggerating is supercritical. Telling a story with how you present your experience and your skill set will also help keep your reviewer engaged and interested.  Note...

Getting your first Job or Internship

The reality of the world we live in is one that favours the experienced over the inexperienced largely because there are some problems that require a certain level of expertise. Some of this expert or specialist knowledge comes with experience amongst other things.  Now the ability to solve those problems is what would bring business...

Podcast Transcript : E.03 Rejection Reasons per Stage 1.0 (Stage 1)

A typical application process consists of 4 major stages. It can be more or less depending on factors like the seniority of the position, the type of role, internal requirements, and so on. However, for these series, I’ll treat the entire application life cycle as a 4 stage process. Stage 1 is where your application for the role is submitted and at this stage, the review of your cv takes place. If your profile fits what the team is looking for, you will be invited to proceed to the next stage. However, some candidates have found getting past stage 1 to be a herculean task. What is really responsible for all of these drop-offs? Why do I keep getting all those rejection emails without even having the opportunity to speak to a human being? someone might ask. Listen to this episode to get some clarity on what might be responsible for this and to get some practical tips on how to improve your cv.

Podcast Transcript : E.02 Practical Interview Tips

The importance of preparing for your interview cannot be overemphasized because as the saying goes, 'the one who fails to plan has already planned to fail'. Today, our focus would be to discuss some practical tips that can help you communicate better during your interview because the truth of the matter is that passing an interview particularly in a well-structured company does not happen by chance. Therefore, a certain level of intentionality is required from your end. Now someone might ask, what if I prepare as hard as I can and the company still doesn’t hire me, would it not have been a waste of time? Well, my answer to this is ‘absolutely not’, because whatever you learn would more often than not find some relevance at some point in your future. Listen to this episode as I unpack this further.

Podcast Transcript: E.01 Communication

Preparing for an interview? Or trying to understand why that process did not work out when you felt it went well from your side? Listen to my thoughts on what may have been responsible for that and the pitfalls to watch out for. Key takeaways: Don’t over-talk so as not to overwhelm, Don’t under-talk so as not to wear out, and Pace as you speak. Have fun listening!