CoachingEducationOctober 28, 2021by adminHow to write a Profile Summary/Cover Letter

If you meet at least 65% of the actual job requirements, my recommendation is to apply for the role but add a cover letter or include a profile summary in your cv that clearly projects 'the 65%'. How do you create a well structured + interesting cover letter/profile summary?

Note that a Profile Summary would be shorter than a cover letter. The example used in this write up is for a profile summary.

Writing a profile summary can be a pretty daunting task but please resist the temptation to copy and paste something that is not authentic to you. Also, be mindful of combining some of your favourite words/phrases in a way that fails to convey your thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Below are 3 tips that can help you get started. ( I’ve shared this simple formula (if I may call it that) with the candidates I coach and I’ve seen them come back to me with ‘short and sweet’ write-ups).

  1. Tell us where you are coming from (this speaks about your previous experience (s)).
  2. Tell us what you are currently doing (this speaks about your present status).
  3. Tell us where you want to go (this speaks about the future picture you have of your ideal employer, team, work environment and so on).

Let’s make it practical, shall we?

Profile Summary_Example

I have a background in the sciences and my scientific training has exposed me to areas related to but not limited to basic analysis using excel and the python programming language. (PAST)

I just recently completed my master’s program and I am at the moment working on personal projects that would expose me to new technologies (like Scala, Hadoop, Spark e.t.c), help me build new skills and prepare me for the next phase in my career. (PRESENT)

The next phase in my career would be a challenging fast-paced environment where I would not only be able to utilise my already existing skillset but also learn and work with new and innovative cloud technologies like AWS, Docker and Kubernetes guided by more senior colleagues in my team. (FUTURE)

Decoding this Candidate
  • Science background
  • Has a basic background in data analysis using excel and python
  • Already in the Job market so might be able to start soon
  • Keeping himself/herself busy with personal projects (Seems focused and intentional with aspects of his/her development).
  • Wants to work in a fast-paced (startup-like) company in a team with experienced engineers (can we offer that or do I need to do some expectation management?)
  • An entry-level/associate role would suffice since he/she subtly indicates that working independently might not be ideal for him/her.