To accompany Job Seekers on their job search journey

The why behind Dear Candidate

To accompany Job Seekers on their job search journey

My passion for helping job seekers and my experience with successfully helping people scale through the hurdles of finding a Job particularly here in Germany was the reason why I started a series on Linkedin in 2019 called ‘dear candidate’,

The series was to address the common mistakes consistently made by job seekers and to help them approach the job search journey in a smart and informed way. Some of the things I share are things that I had to learn the hard way. I actually remember a time when I was basically close to giving up because everything I tried was just not working out. Looking back, I also find it incredible that I consistently made those mistakes without sparing a thought.

I honestly wish ‘dear candidate’ existed at that time but I am even more grateful that I went through some of all that so that you won’t have to go through that. Now some of you might have to go through that but as you do, I hope that you would find comfort in knowing that you have an ally here who is cheering you on. Keep pushing buddy! Just one yes is what you need and it would surely come.

My name is Tosin Anifowose and I’ll be your ‘guide through this labyrinth (in Richard Quest’s voice). Do well to subscribe to all updates or follow us on any of our social media handles.