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P.I.E- Passion, Interest, and Expertise. Do you know your PIE?

I attended a career-focused webinar organised by the fdat50 team (massive kudos to the team) and hearing about work-life alignment and the PIE concept were 2 major things that stood out for me from what Rolake Akinkugbe-Filani shared.

I’ll focus on the PIE concept.

I went away from that event feeling that an understanding of the PIE concept ‘might’ be what we need to help us channel our intellectual resources and energy in the direction(s) that matter most. All of those 3 contribute to our career fulfilment quota.

My Key Takeaway 

You can be an expert at something you are not passionate about, however that shouldn’t stop you from following your passion and feeding your interests. E.g I can be an expert at building engines, with a passion for teaching and an interest in music.

If I don’t clearly put them in their place, I just might wake up on Monday wanting to be a musician, on Tuesday feeling like I should quit music to pursue a teaching career, and then on Wednesday missing my engines. Sounds familiar? Also, your PIE might all fall within the same category however you can still try to drill down to the details of how each aspect differs from each other.

Call to action: Know your P.I.E

How? Take a look at the checklist of 3 I developed from the notes I took at the event.



Your Passion 
  1. What is that thing (s) you can do so well and with so much enthusiasm for free without feeling like you wasted your time and efforts?
  2. What is that thing (s) that gives you energy and brings you refreshment after you have completed it? (you know the feeling that accompanies a relaxing shower after a long and stressful day at work).
  3. What is that thing (s) you can ‘attempt’ to do even if you feel physically tired?
Your Interests
  1. What is that thing (s) you are curious about?
  2. What is that thing (s) you find interesting to read or learn about?
  3. What is that thing (s) that brings you some measure of satisfaction after you have learned something new about it? (Like an ‘aha’ feeling that leaves you wanting to share that knowledge with other people either through 1-1 interactions, social media, and the likes).
Your Expertise
  1. What is that thing (s) you are qualified to do (either by reason of your educational background or your work experience)?
  2. What is that thing (s) you can deliver on even if you are called upon within short notice.
  3. What is that thing (s) you have built professional credibility on due to your consistent practice in that area of specialty?
Closing Thoughts

You can follow your passion through volunteering or a side hustle, as you continue to grow as an expert in your Job and then feed your interests through different digital media.

All the best with discovering your P.I.E